Problem6115--Recover the Smallest Number (30)

6115: Recover the Smallest Number (30)

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Time Limit : 1.000 sec  Memory Limit : 32 MB



Given a collection of number segments, you are supposed to recover the smallest number from them. For example, given {32, 321, 3214, 0229, 87}, we can recover many numbers such like 32-321-3214-0229-87 or 0229-32-87-321-3214 with respect to different orders of combinations of these segments, and the smallest number is 0229-321-3214-32-87.


Each input file contains one test case. Each case gives a positive integer N (<=10000) followed by N number segments. Each segment contains a non-negative integer of no more than 8 digits. All the numbers in a line are separated by a space.


For each test case, print the smallest number in one line. Notice that the first digit must not be zero.

Sample Input Copy

5 32 321 3214 0229 87

Sample Output Copy